Woodstock Land Conservancy Earns National Recognition
Strong Commitment to Public Trust and Conservation Excellence

Woodstock, NY | March 1st, 2023 - One thing that unites us as a nation is land: Americans strongly support saving the natural spaces they love. Since 1988, Woodstock Land Conservancy, has been doing just that for the people of the Eastern Catskills. Now Woodstock Land Conservancy announced it has renewed its land trust accreditation - proving once again that, as part of a network of over 450 accredited land trusts across the nation, it is committed to conservation excellence.

"Renewing our accreditation shows Woodstock Land Conservancy's ongoing commitment to permanent land conservation in the Eastern Catskills," said Andy Mossey, Executive Director. "We are a stronger organization than ever for having gone through the rigorous accreditation renewal process. Our strength means special places - such as Zena Cornfield and Sloan Gorge - will be protected forever, making this gorgeous corner of the Catskills an even greater place for now and in the future."

Woodstock Land Conservancy provided extensive documentation and was subject to a comprehensive third-party evaluation prior to achieving this distinction. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission awarded renewed accreditation, signifying its confidence that Woodstock Land Conservancy's lands will be protected forever. Accredited land trusts now steward over 20 million acres - the areas of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

"We are proud to recognize Woodstock Land Conservancy's continued commitment to conservation excellence," said Melissa Kalvestrand, Executive Director of the Commission. "The accreditation seal is a mark of distinction that stands for excellence, trust and permanence. Woodstock Land Conservancy is part of a network of over 450 accredited land trusts that are united by their strong ethical practices. Accredited land trusts inspire confidence and respect among their peers and in their communities."

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The Woodstock Land Conservancy is a non-profit organization committed to the protection and preservation of the open lands, forests, water resources, scenic areas and historic sites in Woodstock and the surrounding area.

With climate change threats the need to preserve biodiversity makes our work even more essential. Conserving forests which absorb carbon, preserving fields, mountains, wetlands, clean air and water, streams; supporting farming, logging, and tourism; safeguarding important habitats for wildlife and plant ecosystems: all these are part of our complex mission.

Since our beginning in 1987 we have always believed that it's the places we love most, and these measures we take to protect them which embody a community committed to a mission such as ours.

We at WLC work with landowners who want to determine the future use of their land in support of our mission. Rather than selling land for development, WLC can offer alternatives that respect private property rights, may provide substantial financial benefits, and, if owners wish, allow them to share with their community lands they have tended and loved. WLC often collaborates with other conservation groups, businesses, and local and state agencies to achieve these goals.

In addition to protecting and caring for these important lands, WLC offers a variety of exciting outdoor nature education events year-round. By bringing people together outdoors, especially children and families, we encourage future generations to experience, appreciate and protect the beauty and history of special places throughout Woodstock and the Eastern Catskill Mountains.