WLC's focus on water resources was heightened in 2014 and 2015 as we worked with so many members of the community to prevent Niagara Bottling Co. from purchasing water rights to Cooper Lake from the City of Kingston’s Water Department, which is fed by the Little Beaverkill/Mink Hollow Stream. As a result of that involvement, we have further integrated water considerations into our mission and strategic plans. We collaborate with the Town and other partners to further protect the quality and quantity of the water in Woodstock and our Eastern Catskills service area. A crucial part of that ongoing work is building the community’s water knowledge, understanding our watersheds which includes waters that serve NYC as well as the City of Kingston. This includes following the Sawkill Creek into the Esopus and on to Saugerties where it empties into the Hudson River. We have twice reconvened a watershed stakeholders group for the Sawkill to discuss issues and priorities to ensure its continued health. Protecting our public and private water resources and supplies ensures not only its quality but also its continued availability into the future. It is an essential policy in the face of the increasing uncertainty posed by climate-induced droughts.