Natural resources must be protected. As mounting awareness of climate change impacts coincide with rapid loss of open space to development and deforestation, there is a precipitous decline in habitat and its associated species and an increase in water and air pollution. Degradation of the natural world threatens all living beings. WLC is one of many national land trusts which collectively have protected millions of acres nationwide.

Our success in protecting natural resources is aided by financially beneficial conservation agreements that allow landowners to protect their properties and secure a conservation legacy for future generations. Chief among these are conservation easements, land sales, and land donations (click to read more about each of these topics below).

Note: Conservation agreements with WLC are completely voluntary and are designed to meet the wishes and long-term needs of landowners. WLC welcomes the opportunity to discuss these conservation options with you in strict confidentiality. However, because of the complexity and specificity of each land protection option and the changing nature of related tax regulations, it is important that you consult with your own legal and tax advisors when deciding how best to protect your land.