Snake Rocks Preserve

An Enchanting Natural Ampitheater

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Sweeping views from Snake Rocks Preserve.

Snake Rocks Preserve is a public nature preserve owned by the Woodstock Land Conservancy. This 35.54 acre property is located in a rural part of Woodstock, NY near Ohayo Mountain. The preserve was generously donated to  WLC by Mr. Richard Strain and Ms. Eva Van Rijn in 2004. With scenic views to the west, dramatic rock formations, and a tranquil quarry pond, visitors of all ages will find something they love here. The remains of a large bluestone quarry dominate the walk into the preserve. Rocks quarried here were used in the construction of some of New York City's most famous buildings. Now returning to the wild, this former quarry is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Birch and pine trees stand tall along the rock ledges, eagles can be seen circling over nearby ponds and lake, and waterlilies decorate the quarry pond surface. If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a Northern Water Snake (nonvenomous) swimming in the quarry pond looking for a snack. 

Snake Rocks Preserve is located off Yerry Hill Road (about 1.5 mi. from Route 212 in Bearsville). Take Yerry Hill Road for about 1 mile from Route 212. Continue past Nordic Drive. Parking is located approximately 100 yards south of Nordic Drive on Yerry Hill Road along the guard rail at the top of the hill. Please look for WLC's parking area signs. Head up Nordic Drive and follow the signs to the entrance of the preserve. Check out our Snake_Rocks_Access_Map.jpg for more info. 

Please note, Nordic Drive is a private road. There is no on-site parking for the preserve, so please be respectful of our neighbors as you walk up Nordic Drive to begin your adventure. 

This preserve is open from dawn to dusk.